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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Getting out there

I know most of my posts here are Chiropractic related however I would like to digress a bit and talk about getting out there.  What I mean about getting out there is this; sharing ideas, showing your work, talking to strangers, and helping others.
We all have great ideas, and many of those ideas can be expanded upon if we share them with others.  With the advent of the digital platform we are able to get our work out there whenever, and to whomever at any given time, and most is free.
Take Chiropractic for instance, I am always sharing ideas with my colleagues and also with my practice members.  I am always excited when someone in the office strikes an interesting conversation.  This usually leads to more creativity and ideas.
Be humble and listen to those who do and don't know as much as you.
Get out there and share your work.

Dr. Gene

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Epigenetics and Chiropractic

The study of Epigenetics is fairly new on the Scientific scene.  It has caught my interest and hopefully it will catch yours.  Epigenetics is the study of changes in the organism (us) caused by a modification of gene expression rather than altering the genetic code.  In short our genes can change from the internal and external stimuli we encounter or create.  Imagine that, we can change the expression of that cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. gene from ever affecting our body from changes in our environment, lifestyle and thoughts.
Our social, emotional, cultural and economic environment impact the influence of the expression of our genes.  Thoughts and emotions account for up to 80% of influence on the brain and body as well as exercise, sunlight and everything we choose to put into or onto our body.
So how does this tie into Chiropractic?
Simply put, the brain and body are in constant communication via the nerve system (brain and spinal cord).  There are over 30 trillion cells in the body all wanting to work in total harmony through proper communication and this is achieved from a clear signalling process.
This process involves the tiny nerves that exit the bones of the back which become misaligned on a daily basis also from internal and external stimuli and sometimes get stuck (vertebral subluxation) thus causing major interference and wreaking havoc in our bodies!
I'm not sure about you but I want that system to be fully functioning so all my good thoughts, assimilation from the wholesome foods I eat, and the new construction of muscle, bone, nerve and brain cells are all being optimized.
So to be sure no spinal misalignments are present you need to have your spine checked at least once a week.  I personally get my spine checked 2-3 times per week.  This ensures that my nerve system is being fully optimized to do its job.
You are not only what you eat, but you are what you think!
Think good thoughts, live in harmony with nature and express gratitude everyday and your life will be enhanced beyond anything you imagined.

Dr. Gene


Monday, July 11, 2016

Mission Statement

It's always good to re read your mission statement now and again.  I drafted this in 1999 and still adhere to it!

                                                            Mission Statement 
We are here to provide a service to this community unlike any other. 

We have a fee system that is very affordable, because EVERY man, woman and child needs and deserves Chiropractic care.

We provide pure non-therapeutic Chiropractic care without compromise.  We walk with truth. 

Our objective is to analyze, locate and bring about correction of vertebral subluxations because in and of themselves, they are a detriment to the expression of Life!

Everyone needs and deserves Chiropractic care.  Once again, we thank you for trusting us to take care of you and your family.  We look forward to a long lasting friendship.

In trust,

Gene Flynn, DC

Family Chiropractic of the Outer Banks

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Stopping something good?!

I really do not like starting an entry with a negative connotation, but for this I must.  It behoves me why someone would stop doing something that is good for them.  I mean we all know water is essential an a vital element for survival, yet most seem to ignore it and choose something like soda, tea, milk, etc...  We know that exercise is good for us yet most don't do it?  We know whole foods are far superior than processed but yet choose the latter.  Why seems to be the big question, but to me it is the WHY not that is even a bigger question.  To answer that question we need psychoanalysis of human nature which is far beyond the scope of this post.  And I digress- Science proves that a nerve system free from interference is a better functioning nerve system, so why would you not get your spine checked and adjusted if necessary?  And if you know it is good for you why on earth would you stop?!
Here in my office I do all I can to remove obstacles that would prevent you from coming in weekly.  No appointments necessary, very affordable fees, and the best quality Chiropractic that I can provide.
So, WHY not?

I will see you all this week.
Thank you!

Dr. Gene

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why Not?

People go to Chiropractors for many reasons, back ache, neck ache, fatigue, insomnia, ear aches, etc...  Some of these ailments go away from adjusting the Subluxated vertebra, but some don't.  Does that mean that Chiropractic didn't work?  Of course not, Chiropractic works every time you correct a Subluxation.  It works because the correction of a Subluxation removes nerve interference which in turn allows the body to function better.
So why not go and get your spine checked whether you have an ailment or not?  Your body is always better off with a good nerve supply thus functioning better!

Dr. Gene

Monday, February 16, 2015

Children and Chiropractic

I am often asked while I am checking a child "why do kids need to get adjusted?"  Children, like adults are subjected to everyday stress, physical, chemical and emotional.  These stresses compound in the body and causes spinal mis alignments called Vertebral Subluxations (VS).  It does not matter how old you are or what kind of shape you are in, everyone with a spine is subjected to VS.  
So where does back pain fall into this?  Well, it really doesn't.  You see whether you have back pain or not, you still need to have your spine checked weekly for VS.  VS may or may not cause back pain, however they always cause interference between brain and body therefore decreasing the bodies vitality! 
So lets give children the chance to reach their fullest potential by having them checked once a week for VS.

 Thanks,Dr. Gene

Monday, January 12, 2015

The same old story

Time and time again I hear the same old story of how Chiropractors claim that they can "fix" backaches.  The truth is no one knows if your backache will go away from a Chiropractic adjustment or not!?  One thing that will always remain true is that a Chiropractic adjustment will allow the body to work better, its that simple- period.
Here at Family Chiropractic I do not give the same old story.  I tell you the truth- Chiropractic can help everyone regardless of physical condition by correcting spinal mis alignments called Subluxations which in turn will allow you body to work better!  And that is ALWAYS good.

In Truth,
Dr. Gene